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Treating Conditions

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Treating Conditions Non-Medically

Whether you have Acne, Rosacea or other skin conditions such as Pigmentation, Skin Tags, or Spider Thread Veins, at Ashton’s Beauty Clinic we have a range of treatments for most common skin or body conditions. Our range of Jan Marini Face Peels can help with Blackheads, Open Pores and Fine Lines and Wrinkles. For slightly more serious conditions we can offer a range of additional treatments such as IPL, 4D HIFU, LED, Plasma and Fat Freezing. Why suffer in silence when we can often cure or improve your condition leaving you feeling healthier and more confident?

Our therapists are highly trained and our clinic maintained and cleaned to the highest standards meaning you can have complete confidence in Ashton's. Serving customers across Hampshire from our Southampton clinic.

4D HIFU - High Intesity Focused Ultrasound

4D High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment (4D HIFU) is one of our most popular lifting treatments for face and neck without going under the knife. Just one session can tighten and lift the skin, improving skin tone and visibly reducing signs of aging that will last up to three years. The treatment takes between 1–3 hours depending on the area we are treating. Plus, with no downtime, you can be back at your usual routine immediately afterwards.

4D HIFU treatment is a breakthrough in technology that offers effective non-invasive facelift and skin tightening. This technique uses ultrasound energy that promotes the production of collagen, which then leads to tighter, firmer skin. The high-frequency beams used in 4D HIFU treatment allows it to focus below the skin’s surface avoiding damage to the upper layers. Unlike surgical facelifts, 4D HIFU has no scarring or incisions and requires no recovery time.

4D HIFU treatment can potentially give the same results as a surgical facelift, but without cutting and disrupting your skin’s surface. Instead, the ultrasound energy used, precisely penetrates deep into the skin layers with higher temperatures compared to other treatments. A number of problem areas can be treated with 4D HIFU treatment such as the chin, jawline, eyelids, neck, and other facial regions that are wrinkling or sagging.

Similar to radiofrequency treatements such as Thermage, the energy delivered to the deep layers of the skin stimulate collagen and elastin production. This results in natural skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation over time.

Ashton's Aesthetics Clinic offers 4D HIFU treatments using one of the preferred and most effective HIFU Treatments available - The 4D HIFU. 4D HIFU provides an effective and quick treatment for reducing any signs of skin aging to restore that youthful glow. The 4D HIFU device targets the dermis and superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) triggering collagen production, which in turn, improves saggy skin and reduces wrinkles.

The common fine lines and wrinkles it can effectively treat are the smile lines, frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. It can also be used on body areas and cheek fat, double chin and brow line for an added skin lift and contour.

The Jan Marini Skin Care Management System for Normal/Combination Skin is excellent for improving the appearance of common skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, skin discolouration and even fine lines and wrinkles. The system is pre-packed with five pre-selected Jan Marini products that are suitable for for normal/combination skin types that can be used with home instructions.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is a painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits, particularly stimulating collagen production, rejuvenating and treating mild to moderate acne. LED treatments work by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes (originally developed by NASA!) that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a safe and effective treatment for acne and rosacea in addition to reducing unwanted hair, rejuvenating skin and for treating other conditions such as broken thread veins. The IPL treatment is a type of light therapy that utilises a range of wavelengths to target the pigments in blood vessels or hair follicles.

With IPL acne treatment you don’t have to let acne affect your confidence! Our Southampton Clinic offers a range of successful acne treatments to leave your skin clear and blemish free. Acne can be effectively treated with IPL alone or in combination with other clinical treatments.

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

By choosing Ashton's Beauty for your tattoo removal, we are your first step to providing a safe effective tattoo removal procedure, using state of the art Q-Switched Nd Yag lasers.

Some people get tattooed and a few years later regret the decision. What seemed like a good idea at the time can cause a problem later in life. It can mean psychological distress and for others it can mean more difficulties in securing employment or going for a promotion.

Supported by many years of research and clinical data, the Q-Switched Nd Yag lasers achieve the best results with minimum risks of scarring, unlike many other non-laser techniques and machines out there.

How it works....

The laser energy is absorbed by the skin using the correct wavelength and settings, the tattoo ink is then shattered and broken down into tiny fragments which the body then removes using its own natural mechanisms.

If you are considering laser tattoo removal the first step is to arrange a no obligation, free consultation and patch test.

Your tattoo will be assessed and photographed through out the whole procedure for comparison.

You will be provided you with a guide as to how much time will be needed for each treatment and how many sessions you may require; we can also give you and estimated guide for the cost of the whole treatment. Prices start from around £50 per session for a small 10cm tattoo.

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How Long Will It Take?

Removing an unwanted tattoo is not an exact science. It will depend on how dark the tattoo is or how deep pigmentation is in the skin.

Fortunately we are experts in this field and can easily assess the number of treatments it may take to remove yours.

Typically we find six to fourteen treatments is enough to remove most tattoos but we can normally provide a quote so you are fully informed before committing to having the treatment.

IPL Hair Reduction Treatment

IPL and RF treatments use light impulses on hair follicles to destroy them. The treatment required is dependant on many factors: gender, age, ethnic origin, diet, weight, hormones and metabolism are individual factors that have an impact on the result.

For permanent hair reduction you would require between six and ten IPL treatments depending on your skin and hair type. After treatment, the hair will fall out and grow back thinner, roughly six to eight weeks later. Each follicle has its own growth cycle. A hair will grow, fall off and then have a resting period. It is important to shave the area at least three days before your next appointment to activate the growth cycle for maximum effect with the laser. 4-8 treatments will typically result in a reduction of 80-90% of the hair, with 4 weeks between each treatment. Once you have had the predetermined amount of IPL treatments you will go onto a maintenance system to be certain all hair is removed.

What Is E-Light?

E-Light combines three advanced technologies:
Bipolar RF + IPL + Skin Contact Cooling. Any uncomfortable feeling during the IPL treament will be decreased significantly and better results can be expected with the cooling system involved.

Plasma Fibroblast

Plasma fibroblast therapy is an aesthetic procedure some healthcare providers may offer as an alternative to laser, injections or surgical therapies to tighten and improve the appearance of the skin.

What is plasma fibroblast therapy?

Plasma fibroblast therapy targets fibroblasts. These are collagen and protein-producing cells in the dermis, the layer of skin just below the surface. Fibroblasts play an important role in helping skin wounds heal, as well as maintaining skin firmness and tightness.Plasma fibroblast therapy uses a pen-like device that discharges a high-frequency electric current to a small area of the skin. The plasma tip doesn't directly touch the skin, but instead releases a targeted current just above the skin. The hot current creates small holes, or micro-injuries, in the skin's layer.

What Does It Treat?

Plasma fibroblast therapy is a nonsurgical treatment that may be used to treat the following conditions:
acne scars

photo aging, including age spots, seborrheic keratosis, wrinkled skin, including the eyelids, neck, jawline and above the lips

Cosmetic specialists may also use plasma fibroblast therapy as an alternative to lip fillers to make the lips look fuller.

Our senior consultant, Brenda Ashton, has worked in the beauty industry for many years and is recognised as an extremely experienced professional in non-surgical Aesthetic treatments. Her specific expertise is in specialized permanent cosmetics, microblading and laser treatments, including tattoo removal and fat freezing. Ashton's are fully insured, licensed and practice to a very high standard of hygiene, health and safety procedures.

Trained professionally in the world famous Harley Street in London, working with some of the world's leading permanent cosmetics, microblading and micropigmentation professionals, you could not be in safer hands. Ashton's also specialize in fat loss treatments and non-surgical face lifts. With our wide range of Abagi and Jan Marini treatments and skin peels, we can treat specific skin conditions including acne and rosacea. Both men and women are welcome at our Southampton clinic, where we offer our full range of aesthetic face and body treatments tailor made to each individual.

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